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In fact, the physically disabled have made much progress in the workplace since the passage; . This initial focus on physical disabilities provided few answers to the ADAs implications for people with psychiatric disorders, and significantly less progress has been made by those with mental or intellectual disabilities.

The attention to psychiatric disabilities increased as alleged discrimination based on emotional or psychiatric impairments became the second largest source of ADA charges, after back problems, filed with the EEOC.

Getting around in Lund is easy, whether on foot, bike or by bus.

If you choose to live in Malmö or Helsingborg, there are regular trains and buses making it is easy to commute to Lund.

The percentage of ADA charges filed with the EEOC for discrimination alleging emotional or psychiatric impairments, over the four-year period of 1992 to 1996, increased steadily from 8.7 percent to 15 percent.

Adjoining units can be linked to accommodate up to four people.If you are renting a room from LU Accommodation the rent is currently set at between SEK 14 000 and SEK 23 000 for the full semester.This includes electricity, water, heating and use of kitchen and laundry facilities.Features include: These one room huts can accommodate either four or six people in bunk beds.Guests provide their own linen, blankets, pillow and towels and make use of the nearby campground ammenities.

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