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Nato has reiterated its commitment to install four new battalions in eastern Europe, a promise made following Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.While official statistics show that several hundred legal abortions are conducted in Poland every year, activists say that too often doctors refuse because they object to it for religious or moral reasons.There are 5 in Donetsk, 5 in Odessa and the total of 49 modeling agencies in Ukraine.Also we have 45 Kiev models, 5 Kiev photographers registered within magazine JURGITA.At the end of June, British personnel joined Nato’s largest military drill in Ukraine near the Polish border, an exercise designed to fine-tune joint combat operations.The drills saw 2,000 soldiers, helicopter gunships and armoured fighting vehicles take part in a series of staged war games, simulating battle conditions.

Many women must travel to Slovakia or Germany to undergo the procedure.“They want to introduce an anti-abortion law which will mean in many cases, women will be sentenced to death.

One poll, however, showed public backing for Pi S falling to 29 per cent on Monday.

“Liberal and left-wing communities appear galvanised. One source of that is the abortion law,” Marcin Duma, head of the IBRi S pollster, told Reuters.

Hundreds of activists marched in Berlin and protesters planned to picket the Polish embassy in London.

Kasia Staszewska, director of Amnesty International UK’s Women’s Rights programme, said in a statement: “Poland’s abortion law is already one of the most restrictive in Europe and these proposals are an all-out assault on women and girls and their right to make decisions about their own bodies.

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Russia could invade Poland "overnight" and easily overwhelm its Nato allies, a study has predicted.

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