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Only a highly-trained weapons expert with tremendous physical strength, stamina and training could have pulled this off. Finally, don’t you find it amazing how the FBI was able to clear any ISIS connection in less than 12 hours after the shooting?

I’m calling this “Mission IMPOSSIBLE” because of the physical impossibility of a retired, untrained senior citizen pulling this off.

An arrest warrant was also issued for a 15-year-old boy.

Police said Sunday they could arrest as many as five more boys and an adult relative of one of the teenagers.

Via the UK Daily Mail: Despite being found amid an arsenal of weapons, Eric said that his brother had never been ‘an avid gun guy at all’, adding that he was at a loss as to where Stephen got his arsenal of automatic weapons from.

On several occasions, Stephen Paddock gambled more than ,000 per day — and in some cases more than than ,000 and ,000 a day — at Las Vegas casinos, according to an NBC News source who read the suspect’s Multiple Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) and a casino gaming executive.

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Here are 10 reasons why the official narrative is complete B. As reported on, ISIS has already claimed responsibility for the Las Vegas shooting: ISIS has a long track record of only claiming responsibility for events they inspired or planned.

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