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On the basis of this book, I'm guessing that Harlequin Blaze is more on the "sizzling hot" end of the sex scene scale.

Hayden didn't particularly like hockey and wanted her relationship with her father to be as close as it once was, but they grew farther and farther apart as time passed.Hayden hasn't had sex in months, and it's driving her crazy.When Hayden's father asks her to come visit him so that she can support him during his nasty divorce, Hayden's best friend convinces her to try a no strings attached one-night stand with the first guy to catch her eye.Brody hopes to convince Hayden to give the two of them a chance. While all this is going on, Hayden's father and the Warriors are dealing with scandalous allegations brought up by Hayden's father's soon-to-be ex-wife.According to her, Hayden's father and one or more Warriors team members fixed a couple games.

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