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From his suburban Tacoma, WA, home, he messaged a woman an ocean away, in the Philippines.

Salazar saw her on his computer screen, via a webcam.

The children live in abject poverty, and in many cases are put on view by their own families, who are desperate for money. The children live in developing nations with internet connections, mainly Southeast Asia, but the practice also has expanded to West Africa, experts say.

In the Philippines alone, tens of thousands of children are estimated by researchers to be victims of webcam child sex.

She said the children came from an impoverished family, and their mother was a widow.

Liborio Carabbacan, at the National Police Women and Children Protection Centre, said the incidents were increasing in the Philippines because many people were gaining access to the internet and English fluency was common, making it possible to communicate with would-be customers.

He said parents and relatives, motivated by greed, were often not even aware that it was against the law to exploit their children.

The livestream abuse happens in many of the country's densely-populated, impoverished neighbourhoods, said attorney Gideon Cauton, who works with the non-profit International Justice Mission.

The United Nations and FBI estimate that 750,000 child predators are online at any given time.

He recalled lines of barefoot children in shorts with no tops standing outside gated buildings.

Children would queue up three particular times a day, Lay said.

The AFP and US FBI separately provided Filipino authorities with information that led to the arrests of a mother and two other women on May 5.

They were allegedly making the girls engage in sexually explicit acts while men in Australia and the US watched.

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