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In 1989, Seattle businessman Bernard "Bud" Greer purchased the Sohmer company, which also held the George Steck, Knabe, and Mason & Hamlin names, technical specifications, and manufacturing equipment.

He moved these to a piano factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts, which he had recently purchased from piano manufacturer Santi Falcone—from whom he also purchased the Falcone manufacturing specifications and naming rights.

Too many instruments have been altered and “improved” to the point where they are neither fish nor meat.

Our standards of workmanship and our experience in several countries dating back to 1982 have earned us the respect of institutions such as Harvard University, Boston College, Wellesley College, the Old North Church, and others.

He named the new enterprise the Mason & Hamlin Companies.

Greer's goal was to resurrect the Mason & Hamlin pianos of the pre-Depression era by returning to the original specifications—including Gertz's scale designs—and use of materials.

Most of the work is done in-house: woodwork, leather work, and metal work as well as tonal work.

Below are some samples of rebuilding and restoring work.

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