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I never had myself pegged as someone who would dwell too long on a bad thing so the idea that this act might somehow define me or my life — well, that was just unheard of. But what I learn during those long, disoriented moments down on the toilet water-soaked floor was that reality as I knew it sucked. Between the raging anger I knew I was There was someone inside me who was huge, imaginative, crazy, artistic, musical — but it didn't stop there.It was harsh and unfair, and relentlessly heartbreaking. I might've been confused, but I was equally as glorious and powerful.I've often wondered if this past experience really affected me in the way they say all victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault tend to carry the story with them throughout their lives.I used to think I got away with it, that I was emotionally past it. However, being beaten and raped didn't make a mess of me; I didn't grow to hate men or sex — I never stopped giving people a chance and I felt free to trust people as I saw fit. Reality not only hurt, it was boring, redundant, and limiting.

Here and there, I would befriend perfect mates, people who fell easily into the idea that fantasy was always better than reality and that, perhaps, it might be a fun idea to just live there, at least for a while.

For victims, the effects of child sexual abuse can be devastating.

Victims may feel significant distress and display a wide range of psychological symptoms, both short- and long-term.

Abusers may cause victims to feel stigmatized (i.e., ashamed, bad, deviant) and responsible for the molestation (pages 3-4).

Victims of child sexual abuse have higher rates of revictimization (later sexual assaults) than non-victims (pages 131-132).

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