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"He said that in order for the auto pay/allowance to work, there would have to be a number of transactions to equal ,000 between my account and his secretary's account." The details get a little murky here.

In between some sweet talk, more checks were deposited into her account and Angie followed Steven's instructions -- which were peppered with comments about buying Angie a new car and paying off her ,000 in student loans -- on how to send the funds to his secretary's account.

Others are based on sexual preference, or target pet lovers, marijuana aficionados, vegetarians and those who favor mustaches."After looking back on the checks, there is no signature, no account number on them.They are so clearly fraudulent checks," Angie said, noting the bank made the full value of the checks available to her before they officially "cleared." Even when a bank releases money to your account, it doesn't mean the bank actually has those funds in hand. "Federal Reserve rules govern availability and though the funds from the check may not be immediately available, in many cases, they will be available before the bank knows the funds are good," said Doug Johnson, senior vice president, payments and cybersecurity policy at the American Bankers Association (ABA).There are also sites that cater to rich men and women who are willing to help others financially in exchange for companionship.And that's the starting point for a scam that tricked a woman out of ,670 in a three-day whirlwind of broken promises.

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To boost Angie's confidence, Steven sent her a copy of his driver's license.

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