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The 16th-century English conquest of Ireland was made piece by piece starting in the reign of Henry VIII (1509–1547) and only was completed after sustained warfare in the reign of Elizabeth I (1558–1603).

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The questions are in the left column and the candidate's responses are in the right column: Focusing on small business development.

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Manufacturers are quick to roll out new ovens loaded with impressive bonus features that drive the price of an appliance well into four (or even five) digits -- LED lights surrounding the burner knobs, specialized baking modes to cook foods like pizza or chicken, even Wi-Fi and connected apps.

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Her famous dad has held starring roles on both TV and in film, including his upcoming recurring role in a much anticipated sequel which will see him taking it all off for a second time!

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But we know all of the surrounding lore now, more or less."At the moment, Chucklefish is figuring out what amusing situations they can put these characters into.