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She can analyse up to 50 categories of criteria, including astrological signs, people's imperfections and hobbies.If users want Lara to set users up with someone they have to move onto the dating website.Analysing this information, she will recommend a series of different matches, with their profile image and basic information appearing in the Messenger conversation chain.If the user likes what they see, they can click on the picture which will take them to the Match app where they can view the profile in full.However, they can create unnecessary frustrations when used without a strong reason.

Chatbots are ideal in settings when a conversational, friendly tone enhances the experience.Start with these questions Before you dive into building a bot, you need to understand how the equivalent task typically occurs in offline environments and your user’s typical attitude towards the task.This will inform you on how your bot might be able to improve upon the existing interaction and the tone and content of your bot.It gives the audience an opportunity to ask questions and get to know more about your organization.It allows you to collect valuable information from the audience. In the spring of 2017, our Knight Lab team examined the conversational user interface of Public Good Software’s chatbot, which is a chat-widget embedded within media partner sites.

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This bot is just one of many that are arriving in Facebook's messenger app which were announced by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's annual F8 developer conference.

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