Essay on dating violence

It will be important to assure all members of the group that all information discussed will be confidential so they could feel comfortable in expressing their feelings and experiences.

The desirable group size for this particular support group would be 6 to 8 teenagers at a time.

Although high school is where most teens will begin to date, middle school aged teens also experience dating violence.

For example, more than 16% of college women are the victims of violence annually.

This allows for a group small enough to have intimate dialogue and large enough for the members not to feel being singled out.

According to the world statistics, more than 1.5 million teenagers suffer from dating violence annually.

The teen dating violence support group will give teens an arena to discuss actions that can be defined as dating violence or abuse from a romantic partner.

The group will also be a supportive arena for those teens who have experienced violence or abuse in a romantic relationship in becoming survivors and coping with their experience and moving on to feeling safe and living a violence free life.

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