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Is it that she doesn’t have hope or doesn’t want to invest the time? Own your own stuff about the word fat, don't put it on the author or her client.

Now I am happy with me, still a little bigger than I would like at an 18, but I know it is coming off without me 'dieting'.So fat girls—men who come on to you are not doing you a favor.They are coming on to you because they either think you are sexy or they want something from you. Lots of men find fat women sexy, and you are always in the drivers seat. Why would she continue to be unhappy with her body to this extent?After all—we hardly acknowledge in a public way that fat women are sexual at all.Why cover this cruel practice of men who go out and prowl for women like my client Patti who don't have a strong sense of self.

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That may mean dieting for some - but more often it is about size acceptance. The book is amazing, inclusive of all genders and sexualities, and full of really great myth debunking. That when it comes to the weight, You can still lose the weight and be unhappy if you want. That/those issues will remain even after the weight is gone.

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