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You’re probably not going to enjoy your stay in Japan either.

But before we look at the five best teach-in-Japan companies, let’s quickly look at a quick list of different styles of teaching we can encounter when teaching English in Japan.

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People come to Japan for a planeload of different reasons.

AEON offered a very comfortable 280,000 to start (I’m not sure if it has changed) with raises every year until reaching salary cap.

c) Assistance – Don’t take this for granted, but having a company that offers top notch assistance when you don’t understand something is worth its weight in yen. d) A System – AEON trains you on exactly what you need to teach and it takes away so much of the guess work.

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The kindergarten schedule is one that allows me to have some form or work-life balance. d) Japanese – You will often be the only foreigner in the kindergartens you teach for.

This means you often have no choice but to interact in Japanese.

e) Resources – Teaching kindergaren means you’re going to have to do some preparation to keep kids engaged, but JIEC really goes out of their way to make sure you have access to resources (both physical resources and digital) that make your job both easy and fun to do. The only downside would be that sometimes kindergarten kids can wear you out (if you’re not a kid person, this won’t be the job for you) Official Website: Aww, this was the company that got me started on this Japan journey.

However, not everyone who comes to Japan loves it as much I do.

A major part of having a Japan lifestyle you can enjoy is being happy with your job.

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Official Website: This is a smaller, tighter-knit company that focuses primarily on teaching kindergarten. As far as teaching jobs go, it’s one of the best deals you can find.

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