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They've yet to make things social media official, but clearly things are heating up!

While he's possibly just trying to make ex Kylie jealous, here are five things to know about T's new boo (below): 1.

Apparently, Kanye has been after Kim for a while -- he just released a new song, "Theraflu" ... just a few hours ago, Kim was seen leaving from the building where Kanye lives ...

Sources tell us the relationship is "just starting." The two were photographed on their way out of a movie date to see "Hunger Games" in NYC last night (above). Lucky I ain't had Jay drop him from the team."Kanye is referring to Jay Z -- who owns the NJ Nets ... AM PDT -- Kim and Kanye just hit up a fancy restaurant on the UES for date #2 -- we got footage. AM PDT -- So ...

She instructed me to lather myself in oil to create that trademark Kardashian glow. ) and promptly forgot, a mistake that came back to haunt me during my subsequent photo op.

I blamed my lady-in-waiting, telling her that Kim probably has somebody to do the oiling up for her.

) In fact, all evidence suggests that she is a lovely person, all poise and grace and manners.

Where Kim’s makeup routine consists of something like 50 steps, mine tallies up to five at max.

The last one looked oddly familiar—and sure enough, I quickly located a doppelgänger in the back of my own closet, left over from club days past. As somebody who had once failed out of Stella Adler acting school on week two, I knew that there was no way I would be able to keep a straight face in front of a man I had never met.Ignoring their blatant judgement, I disguised myself with oversize shades and made my lady-in-waiting–slash–personal paparazzo snap a few hundred photos of me.Only three of them turned out to be presentable, prompting a newfound appreciation for Kim and her ability to look camera-ready at all times.Even the two-block walk to the Beekman Hotel, where I had strategically scheduled my date, evoked an eerie déjà vu.There the they were—the stares, the winks, the head-to-toe evaluations—all that unnecessary sexual attention I had shaken off at the same time that my confidence had learned to exist independently.

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