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He was clearly visible as a man of the Church when most diocesan and non-monastic orders wore a garb that resembled very much what comes to our minds when we think of Benjamin Franklin.For him it was a sign and defiance of the secularized world and its anti-clericalism.Under the altar of this church there was reposed the remains of the great youth worker, St. It met every Sunday and Holy Day for catechetical instruction, Marian devotions and recreation.

There he put on his cassock and surplice as an altar boy. Pallotti was often referred to in later life as the "Second St. Vincent became a member of a more advanced youth group at the Church of Santa Maria del Pianto.

Vincent was quite religious and of a serious nature.

Yet, he loved to play ball with his friends in front of his father's grocery store.

After his entrance into the Sapienza University as a theology student, he decided upon a very bold and daring move.

Despite the very negative reaction of many toward the clergy, now that he was a seminarian, he chose to wear his cassock and collar in public.

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When we think of the infinite reward God will give us for that - it is sheer insanity to do the opposite! In Vincent's time the Jesuits had been suppressed for several years and replaced by other clergy.

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