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Also, littoral and sublittoral sediments often receive long light exposure within the swash zone (Argyilan et al., 2005), though storm beach deposits may be variably solar reset.From: https://utexas.edu/lmod/_IOL-CM02/old_work/cm02-step11Mineral grains in water-lain environments such as glacial-marine, certain lacustrine and fluvial can be incompletely solar reset reflecting attenuation of spectra as light penetrates a turbid water column.Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL) dating is a dating method for Quaternary sediments and archaeological materials.The method utilises the tiny light signal (the luminescence) emitted from mineral grains when they are exposed to light (the optical stimulation).Approximately 30g of sediment should be collected, though more or less sediment may be adequate depending on the concentration of the chosen particle size for dating.The geological luminescence signal of sediment is reduced rapidly with exposure to sunlight, thus care must be taken not to expose the sediment to any light during sampling.For example, the site cannot determine your email name unless you choose to type it.

Higher energy facies with erosion of previous deposited sediments and formation of new grains with clast percussion during saltation and creep at the base of the water column often yield a mixture of apparent grain ages.

There are a number of sedimentary facies that have the potential to be dated by luminescence.

A luminescence age for clastic sediment is a measure of the time since the last sunlight exposure.

Ideally, at the sampling site at least 20 cm of homogenous sediment should surround the collected sediment to maximize uniformity in the dose-rate environment during the burial period.

Sampling within 20 cm of boulders or major lithologic contacts should be avoided to obviate potential inhomogeneities in radioactivity.

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OSL dating is therefore applicable only to sediments that were exposed to sunlight during their last episode of transport and deposition.

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