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Of course, dating profile optimization is nothing new.Ok Cupid had its “My best face” feature experiment which would surface the alleged best photo you should used as your profile picture.I spotted the service on Product Hunt, a community board for tech products, last Thursday, where it quickly sparked a conversation between a few community members, with Product Hunt cofounder Ryan Hoover even asking at first if it’s “for real.” And it is.

You can even find a willing and generous soul on Fiverr to make a long video of feedback about your dating profile.Lord knows how many wonderful dudes out there blow their chances simply because they’ve somehow picked their worst picture ever and didn’t know how to open a chat with a pickup line that strikes the perfect balance between “Hey” and “So do you wanna have children?” Tinder — online dating in general, actually — is a new-ish medium.What I’m getting at here is the erosion of social skills, the increasing perception that “romantic” matches (read: people to hook up with) are to be served up in an app, and if you can pimp out your profile to get even more of them, then all is fair in love and war.Never mind that when you meet them, you look a lot more unwashed than what your pictures promised and you have zero interest in asking questions or saying anything of substance — probably because you’re on your phone, swiping.

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