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This is an important part of presenting internation opportunities available and see the importance of international experience.This time we will focus expecially on exchange for RU students as we will have representatives from 14 partner universities visiting us, 13 from the Nordic countries and 1 from Germany.Three Open Tournaments (A, B and C) are made up according to the rating of the participants, and are 9-round Swiss – tournaments.

In 2017 Heli Russia celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a big span setting a new record in scale.

The organiser of the international competition for young designers, Admiralty Needle, is the St.

Petersburg State University of Technology and Design.

All companies and organizations having respect to the helicopter industry are welcome to participate in the expo.

One of the key Heli Russia’s advantages is its transparency to the foreign companies receiving support from the organizers during the whole process of preparation and the event.

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