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En español | Many folks trying to reduce their credit card debt turn to credit card balance transfers to achieve their goal.

But while such transfers can be effective when used judiciously, they do have potential pitfalls.

One advantage of doing a credit card balance transfer is that you can apply for a credit card that rewards your spending or gives you perks for shopping that you were going to do anyway.

Transferring one or more current credit card balances to a zero percent interest rate card can help you more quickly pay off your creditors.Applying for a new credit line generates an "inquiry" on your credit report, which usually dings your credit score for a short time.Even if you just shift debt around — as opposed to adding to your debt levels — your credit may still be affected.Another drawback about balance transfers is that not everyone will qualify for these deals.Banks and credit card issuers usually approve balance transfers only for people with good credit ratings.

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Before you accept any new credit card deal, consider these 10 issues.

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