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I don’t remember all the songs that were on it, but I remember three of them: 1. You don’t cite the complexity of the human eye or the depth of the universe, you just email out a link to “Differences” and then watch all the atheists and agnostics drop down to their knees in reverence. When I die I’m walking right past the pearly gates and up to God and high-fiving him for making Ginuwine, because he got that one all the way right. I can’t even look directly at pictures of D’Angelo from the ’90s. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.Ginuwine’s unstoppable “So Anxious” (1999): This one was on there because it’s perfect. I mean, there’s literally a part in the video when he pop-locks in heaven. Probability of sex: negative-95 percent Every time I get mad at someone under 25 years old for anything, I have to stop and take a step back and remember that I grew up with Ginuwine and this person grew up with Trey Songz. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button. I mean, I have all of his tapes, I’ve watched all of his videos. And so I was thinking that while I was standing there staring at him waiting for him to talk. He was polite and smelled very good and smiled a lot and did this thing where when he was really proud of an answer he was giving he would lean forward and place his right hand on his left hand and angle his elbow out. What I remember most is how aggressively women threw themselves at Thicke.

Compared to most of their competition, they are years ahead if we look at the amount of online models, models’ gallery quality and most importantly the site’s speed and that of their live video feeds. But if you’re hoping to have sex with me, it is spot-on. Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button. You know what they want when they hear Musiq Soulchild? Probability of sex: 50 percent The second-greatest non-black male R&B singer of all time. I didn’t think I’d ever see him recover from those cornrows. Probability of sex: negative-7 percent I never understand Foxx’s hairline. ” When we got to Kells, whose 1993 album, 12 Play, soundtracked basically all of my imaginary sexual encounters from 1993 to 1996, her response was, “No. His is perverted.” So basically what I’m saying is that there’s a very real possibility this number is all the way wrong if you’re hoping to have sex with a real, actual woman. Probability of sex: 44 percent Tyrese has a tribal tattoo around his belly button.When she got there, we got like maybe 20 minutes into the movie before I moved in. She pulled back, slowly looked at the CD player, processed what she was hearing, looked back at me, then furrowed her brow a bit. Also, when Maxwell used to have all of his hair he looked like if a human and a lion had mated, and that’s maybe the sexiest of all human/animal combos. (I’d like to say the movie was something smart and sophisticated like , but it’s much more likely it was that soccer movie in which Jonathan Brandis dresses up like a girl to play for Rodney Dangerfield’s soccer team.) Things seemed to be going well during the kissing, so I blindly grabbed at the remote, found it, then pawed at it until the music clicked on. It’s just that so much of the stuff in his discography is so delicate and high-pitched that after a handful of songs it can become a little too overwhelming, like when you put too much syrup on your pancakes.

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I made the CD, put it in the CD player, set the remote next to the bed, then called Pre-Wife and asked if she wanted to come over and watch movies in my dorm room. So that’s why this exists: This is the “If I Play This R&B Singer, Will He Help Me Have Sex? It’s a chart that will help you figure out which R&B singers will help you have sex and which ones won’t. This chart operates under the assumptions that (a) you’ve had an enjoyable evening with a partner you are on agreeable terms with, (b) you are in a clean place that affords adequate privacy, and (c) you are at the cusp of the evening’s intimate hours. Not on a Tuesday afternoon after you just offered to take him or her to Arby’s.

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