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Unbeknownst to anyone though, a deadly criminal is headed their way.

The murderous criminal Kagato descends upon the Earth and seizes Ryoko and drags her into space claiming to be her rightful creator.

Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, with is stunning transformation sequence, is by far the best of the six with Ayeka's S&M-esque whipping of Tenchi in Call Me Princess following a close second. 101 Secrets, this rare book written by Kuroda Yousuke and supervised by Kajishima Masaki offers incredible insight the complex web of images and events portrayed or initially planned for the first seven episodes of the OVA series.

S.) plays out like a digital comic book with pictures accompanying text that always the player final say so over how the story should proceed.

The story opens right after OVA 7 and follows Tenchi as he finds himself in one embarrassing scrape after the other.

Depending on the path taken, Tenchi and the gang will meet up with GP cadet, Hakua, and either space pirate, Makibi or the blonde dandy, Himuro. digital comic for the PC-FX takes place during the lull between the first and second OVA series and features the usual Tenchi antics as Galaxy Police officer Hakua joins the cast for a little fun on Earth and a little implied Mihoshi innuendo.

It's Christmas in the Tenchi household and all the girls play Little Match Girl so they can get Tenchi something nice.

Aside from mangled Christmas favorites, this drama CD showcases Mihoshi at her worst (or best) and the super secret origin of Pretty Sammy.

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