Updating rogers nokia 7510

To get this cellphone open start near the top of the phone and run something like the edge of a credit card around the join of the front cover to release it.

Now you are able to go further on to replace broken parts, for example the LCD.

This HOWTO explains how to create a caliper mold from hard plaster and filling it with silicone (in German).

The PCB (print circuit board, the green plate) was not easy to dismantle without damaging it, nevertheless, with a bit of patience and care this was possible to take of the shield without damaging the cellphone.

Along with the expected design refresh, the Lollipop update also enables Vo LTE on the LG device.

To remove the camera surround you need a tool with a slight hook on the end to release two clips. To get the LCD screen exchanged first remove the battery cover, battery, SIM and memory card.The interface is a two-wire serial type (clock and data), and some additional signals.The LCD supply is a single 3.3 V with very low supply current.To take apart this cellular phone remove the back cover, the battery, the SIM card, the stylus and the memory card.Remove the four screws you can see now, then pull the coloured outer band outwards at various points, this will release the clips holding the band in place.

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