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They often spend time together and met for dinners to stay close with the children.Tara Wallace is currently handling the rumors of her pregnancy with Peter Gunz. 20 when the gorgeous lady arrived at Part 1 of the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion.According to some wiki sources, Tara Wallace celebrates her birthday on September 20 in Mc Comb, MS.She was born on 1982 which makes her 34 years of age.love triangle between Peter Gunz and the two women may have just expanded to add yet one more woman.According to the report, the "Deja Vu" rapper was spotted out with an unidentified woman by an Instagram comedian named La La Size Hands, who recorded herself briefly talking to the reality star.

Tara currently works at a famous restaurant in Meatpacking District in New York City.During the time, she also got an opportunity to perform on some community and commercial theaters.After working with small community theater, Tara enrolled into the Off- Broadway shows.I love you please forgive me." To all the people in Miami that I turned down for pictures I just want to give my sincere apologies but it seems I can't even walk around or take pictures without me having a new girlfriend...Amina Buddafly and Peter Gunz have had their fair share of relationship woes, but according to Amina, their bond now is better.

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According to Centric, this is reportedly not the first time the '90s rapper has been spotted out with this mystery woman.

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